Guerrilla Radio is hard and heavy Rock 'N' Roll Radio broadcasting free and without commercials on the Internet since 2008.

The legend and power of Guerrilla Radio was resurrected in song by R.A.T.M. in the mid 1990's, but the concept actually originated 50 years earlier at the dawn of World War II.

The term 'Guerrilla Radio' stems from at least as early as 1940, when Filipino resistance fighters facing the Imperial Japanese 14th Army (massively outgunned and on the verge of annihilation) used radio for the first time in a full scale war to communicate and effectively co-ordinate with 'The Allies' trying to supply and rescue the islands.

Since the early days of WWII, Guerrilla Radio has been synonymous with underground communication and the ability of technology to empower the underdog in any given fight. Unfortunately, the fight today is as grave as ever.

Today's enemy is auto-tuned pop music, 'Barking Dog' Heavy Metal vocalists, the recording industry in general, the Rock music press, and some horrifying band of devils who go by the dangerously misleading moniker 'Fun'

At Guerrilla Radio, we proudly carry the torch of the most historic and influential name in underground radio into the 21st century. This alternative source of information and audio artillery has found a new home in the age of the Internet since we launched the mother ship in 2008. is powered in large part by Station Playlist Creator & Studio ... in our opinion, the best radio software available. Thanks to our friends in New Zealand at Station Playlist!